Regular Users


KEY – Access is by a key bank located to the side of the entrance door. Please contact the administrator for a code nearer the date of hire.

TABLES – The large tables are located underneath the front of the stage.

CLEANING – Equipment and materials are located in the small curtained annexe next to the kitchen. Further materials are in the kitchen and toilets.

ACCIDENTS – These should be reported to the administrator as soon as practical.

LICENSE - The premises are authorised to play live and recorded music, dance and other forms of regulated entertainment including plays and films. The sale of alcohol is not included and must be applied for.

EMERGENCY EXITS - These are located to the side of the main hall.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS - Are located next to the emergency doors and in the kitchen with instructions on use.

FIRST AID KIT - Located in the kitchen

HEATING - The boiler is situated in the kitchen together with the thermostat. If you change the settings please restore tothe previous settings on exit.

INSTRUCTIONS - There are some manuals for the use of appliances in a kitchen drawer.

CAR PARKING - Cars are parked at the owners risk. The village hall will not accept any liability.

Staveley & Copgrove Village Hall is a UK Registered Charity No 1078845